Onsen are
limited resources.

What is
Japan Onsen Association?

Japan Onsen Association contributes to the promotion of the national health and the utilization of tourism resources by researching Onsen,
diffusing the knowledge of Onsen, attempting to protect Onsen as limited resources,
and improving as well as developing the facilities with for the easier use.

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Encyclopedia of onsen

Guidance of “Onsen”,
an official magazine

“Onsen”,an official magazine on spas, was supported by the members and readers since the establishment of the magazine in 1930. It consists of four major parts; (1) general features which may attracts readers, (2) Spa Ranking, (3) Onsenology, and (4) association newsletters for the members. We also accept subscriptions, so please apply. (Get all the benefits of an ad, as well as promoting your spas! Post your ad now!)
Japan Onsen Association distributes many kinds of books on spas as well. We look forward to feedbacks!

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