General incorporated association

Spas (Onsen) are limited resources. Proper use and appropriate labeling are required in the 21st century.

Name General incorporated association JAPAN ONSEN ASSOCIATION
Office Location Postal code 102-0093
2-5-5 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nationwide Ryokan Hall 3F
Established On 12th of April in 1929
Purpose To contribute to the promotion of the national health and the utilization of tourism resources by researching Onsen, diffusing the knowledge of Onsen, attempting to protect Onsen as limited resources, and improving as well as developing the facilities with for the easier use.
Member Regular member
Any individuals or groups who agree on our purpose.
Supporting member
Any individuals or groups who join to support our activities
Honorary member
Any individuals who have achieved meritorious works or special academic experiences
Academic Committee It consists of 40 scholars with the highest authority in such fields related to Onsen as medicine, law, chemistry, geology, geophysics, hydrology, agriculture, engineering and tourism etc. It was established in 1955 as a committee under the direct control of the chairman, and conducts comprehensive researches on Onsen resorts, scientific and medical researches on Onsen, researches on the proper use of Onsen, various surveys of Onsen resorts, and various instructions of Onsen.

Main Business Activities

  1. Survey research in Onsen, collection of materials, and preparation for some material and statistics.
  2. Promotion and guidance on health improvement, culture, tourism and other facilities in Onsen resorts.
  3. Guidance on the use of Onsen
  4. Field surveys, instruction, and arrangement of geology of onsen, drilling, connecting of hot water, source protection, right of onsen, regional promotion of onsen area, and as such.
  5. Diffusing the proper knowledge of onsen and onsen resorts.
  6. Holding research meetings, lectures, exhibitions, etc. on onsen, and conducted training sessions on onsen resorts on abroad.
  7. Issuing an official journal, “Onsen” (established in 1930).
  8. Publishing magazine about onsen.
  9. Communication with relevant authorities and organizations.
  10. Other businesses which is necessary to achieve the purpose of the association.