Caution for using Onsen (for bathing)

Precautions for bathing Onsen as follows:

1.Caution before bathing

① Avoid bathing immediately before or after a meal including drinking alcoholic beverages;

② Avoid bathing and take a rest when you feel tired;

③ Avoid bathing within 30 minutes after exercise;

④ The elderlies, children and physically challenged persons shall avoid bathing alone;

⑤ Before soaking in bathtubs, it is preferable to pour water over your body from extremities to be acclimated to the high temperature and rinse off the dirt; and

⑥ Drink one glass of water before bathing in order to avoid the dehydration, especially immediately after you wake up.

2.Ways of Bathing

①Temperature of the baths The elderly persons with hypertension or cardiac disease and persons who have experienced a cerebral hemorrhage shall avoid water with more than 42 degree Celsius.

② Form of bathing
Persons with cardiopulmonary insufficiency shall prefer hip bathing or partial bathing rather than full body bathing.

③ Frequency of bathing
The frequency of bathing shall be at most 1-2 times per day, and when people get used to Onsen, they can enjoy 2-3 times per day.

④ Duration of bathing
Duration of bathing depends on the temperatures of water, but generally it shall be around 3-10 minutes at one time, and can be extended to 15-20 minutes if you get used to it.

3.Cautions during bathing

①Moderate movements are recommended while you enjoy bathing, except for the exercise bathing.

②Move slowly to avoid getting dizzy when leaving the bathtub.

③When feeling faint or sick, be sure to leave the bathtub slowly keeping your head lower while asking people around you for help,

4.Cautions after bathing

①Do not wash away the hot spring ingredients adhering to your body with hot water. Wipe off moisture with a towel, and keep warm and take rest for about 30 minutes. (For people with sensitive skin, however, it’s better to wash away Onsen ingredients with hot to avoid skin irritation(for instance, acid springs, sulfur spring, etc..) or the water is chlorinated as needed.

② Drink one glasses of water before bathing in order to avoid the dehydration.

5.Nausea after the long bathing

You can feel nausea after the long bathing such as discomfortness, insomnia, digestive symptoms, or dermatitis for 3 days or a week after Onsen. When you feel such, it is necessary to stop bathing or to decrease the frequency, and take rest for recovery.


Do not put towels in the bathtub in order to keep the water hygene.