Caution for drinking Onsen water

Fresh Onsen water immediately after the gushing from the source is the most effective because the quality of Onsen water changes as time passes. However, it is necessary to choose the way to use depending on the quality of the spring water, otherwise, it may be harmful to your body. We shall observe the following precautions for drinking Onsen water.

① For drinking mineral water from Onsen as medical treatment, please be advised from a doctor with expertise. And those who are taking medications shall ask their doctor’s opinion.

② In principle, those who are less than 15 years old shall avoid drinking the water from Onsen. However, the mineral water, which is permitted by doctors with expertise, is exceptionally drinkable.

③ Mineral water shall be drunk at the place where drinking is permitted and shall be fresh directly supplied from Onsen.

④ Drink 100-150ml for one time in general, and about 200-500ml in total per day.

⑤ Drink mineral water in a clean glass such as a disposable glass or your own glass.

⑥ It is generally preferable to drink Onsen mineral water about half an hour before the meal.

⑦ For the purpose of drinking, Onsen water shall not be brought out of the place where drinking is permitted.

⑧ Be aware of aspiration when drinking. Aspiration is accidentally inhaling moisture into lungs or trachea when gargling or drinking hurriedly. In addition, those who develop dysphagia shall not drink mineral water from Onsen.